Life is ruff

I am realizing something this summer. Living in America is expensive. I guess I took for granted everything that Stratford provided because I cannot afford to leave on my own. I have been wondering why Jenny and Lee make me pay for somethings but not for others. On Tuesday, so yesterday, I went to my eye appointment. I had to pay $170 out of pocket for new contacts, only a 6 month supply, and new glasses. I really shouldn’t have got the new glasses but if I run out of contacts cause I only got a 6 month supply then I’ll need something so I can drive. I’ve never driven with my glasses because the ones I have now make me dizzy and they fall off my face. They charged me to check my eyes, to try on one pair of new contacts and make sure they fit and then they charged for the contacts and glasses. Like what is the point of insurance after all of that?

Stratford not only provides food and snacks but it provides the space and the supplies necessary to do what you need to do. For example, I just wanted to make tikka masala for dinner tonight. There were no decent knives and I needed to add cream and there wasn’t any, not to mention spices and such. I just appreciate Strat a lot more now. I also realize the benefit of moving in with someone after college cause even though you don’t have to pay for classes anymore (well I guess Student loans are a thing so there would still be bills) but you would have more time to make money.

Random thought: why do companies make lotion for certain areas on your body? Like what makes neck and chest lotion different from lotion.

I need a second job and I’m considering working at the youth center again but I really don’t want to. I would only do it for Davon and even then I would only work when the kids camp went places and if they wanted to go to the pool. I wouldn’t want to sit around with the kids again. I really want to work at Starbucks but it’s not that close to strat and it’s definitely not close to Rantoul but summer would be a good time to learn the menu. The manager at the Prospect location, at least on of the manager’s is super nice and funny. He made a mint mocha frapp and the person in the drive-thru ordered something different so there was a free drink and I enjoyed it very much.


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