So many questions..

So I’ve been thinking about drinking and the culture that surrounds it. In America it is common, especially on campus. I feel like an outsider because I don’t drink or party but I don’t really care about feeling that way. What I do care about is finding someone to like that feels the same way about drinking as I do. I don’t think I should make an exception to my rule on drinking excessively for my boyfriend especially since I wouldn’t do that when it came to sex before marriage. I’m starting to see the wisdom in that although I still have internal debates on the topic. I know now I’m not ready for sex and all the articles that say “don’t wait cause when it does come you won’t know how to handle it”, I think those women weren’t ready even though they thought they were. But back to my point, I won’t concede on waiting to have sex so why should I concede on my rule not to get drunk or be with someone who does habitually? For those people who argue, “Well, you’ve never gone out and partied so you wouldn’t know what it’s like.” yes you are right, I haven’t gone out and gotten wasted and then woken up with a horrible hangover, missed my class and now have to clean up whatever mess I made the night before. Why is that scenario appealing to people? To me that is the best case scenario. Believe me I’ve heard worse stories from other friends. Staying up late is fun, dancing is fun, just enjoying a good funny conversation is fun. Why does there have to be any mind altering substances involved? Is it the thrill of doing something only 21 year olds can? I just don’t understand.

I really like this guy but there is so much that he does that I don’t approve of and I can’t change him. I can’t change the way he lives his life. I know that a lot of what he does is because his friends do it and it’s fun. But what if? What. If.


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