Oh Boy

I guess I’ve always been a gullible person and in part, I blame my mom but it’s mostly my own curiosity and naiveness that gets me into pickles and more often than not they are social misconceptions I make, so the problems arise when stuff hits the fan and I realize that someone lied. There are several instances of the above situation occurring. The first involves a boy who I knew nothing would happen with however, when certain things happen that get your head spinning a little and your imagination kinda takes off without you and you want to reel it in but you kinda like where it’s going so you just ride along until you run out of gas and when you come back to reality that whiplash hurts like a B. At that point, you reassess the situation and realize you’ve been duped and it sucks to be you. Then you swear off guys like that forever… until tomorrow. The second situation involves me and my dad and his wife. So she reached out to me today and we’ve been talking about my major and after college and then my dad called just about a half an hour ago and said he still wants a divorce from her. Wait, what???? I mean I knew she was bad with money and annoying but aren’t you two happily married? So if you really get a divorce then you can’t tell me this time it’s not my fault because I was directly in the middle of it. The first fight happened because of me. So is the common denominator me or my Dad? Because I’m getting a little worried. Does my dad really want to be lonely? I know I wouldn’t want to be even if I was broke because she spent all my money. Just some random thoughts for today.


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