Run To

We all want someone to run to someone that will love us unconditionally. We want that but yet we don’t act that. We don’t love unconditionally and we don’t forgive. Is loving unconditionally and forgiving being a pushover, allowing people to walk all over you and not saying what you think is best. I am a pushover, I would rather concede than have contention. I would rather back off and let them do what they want than get involved and be looked at with angry expressions and talked about in secret. That’s part of why I am done being commie. Because that comes up a lot and I don’t like it. It’s hard to say that I am a pushover because I never thought I would be like that. I saw how my mom acted after the divorce and now that I know the whole story I am so confused as to why she was so broken up when she knew it was coming. If you knew what was going to happen why didn’t you do something about it! Did you think he really wouldn’t leave? Did you think he would forget the reasons that he had for leaving? Was there just a really big miscommunication error here? I don’t have the 100% truth of the story because I didn’t experience it. I just hope that I will not make the same mistake now that I see myself becoming more and more averted to conflict.


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