So what next?

I have been talking to me Dad about the Air Force not too long ago and we talked about it when I went to see him over spring break and I didn’t tell him when I was thinking of enlisting because I didn’t know I could get in as an E3 after I got my Associate’s. Once I had thought about that it seemed like a good plan. Join after my sophomore so I have some college experience and a good conversational base for Korean and I would jump right into school and it would be great. Problem 1: I would have to go through BMT (Basic Military Training) which would be about 8.5 weeks of no school and then go to technical training school to be a Cryptologic Language Analyst or an Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst which would take 224-459 days which is almost a year to over year. That would take almost 2 years to complete, and if I stay at the U of I in those two years I could earn a Bachelor’s degree and possibly a minor, although minors aren’t that significant but it does broaden your field of knowledge. If I did a minor I would want it to be in Linguistics because most of that information is interesting to me and I think it would help becoming an interpreter. Honestly, I just want to be able to speak a bunch of beautiful languages and travel to those magnificent places and talk to the people in their language. That is pretty much all I want to do. If I joined the Air Force it would take a load off my back as far as finding a job and paying my own health insurance and finding a place to live and do all of the adult-like stuff that I am terrified to do. I also really want to travel and if I joined the Air Force I could use the estate money the summer before I enlisted to take a big trip and do what I really want to do before I can only travel from one base to the next and probably be stuck in the US for my entire AF career. I need to do more research on how and what happens when you enlist with a Bachelor’s degree. Anyway so I’ve talked to my Dad about all this and he went over my head and told Jenny I was worried about money and school and that’s why I was thinking of enlisting which money was part of it but I wasn’t worried I wouldn’t have enough. Now that this has come up though maybe I should be worried that I won’t have enough. I have also planned my semesters at the U of I and especially at Parkland around my Korean classes and the have been closed everytime I would look up the class and so when I went to my meeting with my U of I advisor I was frustrated and mad because what was he going to do now that the class was closed. Apparently, advisors can get an override code from the professor to let more people in the class and he DID!!!!!! I was so happy, I had very little very faith in this override thing during the meeting but right after he emailed me that he got me in. I’m so glad and relieved and I also hope that this is what I really want to study. Fingers crosse


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